This photo of my Garmin shows the sad status of my current Boston Marathon training.

Week 6 of my training for Boston was almost a perfect week. All my runs felt wonderful. I got in some quality hill work. My weekly miles were increasing nicely. I was doing very well with my strength program and working on increasing the mobility in my right ankle (this was supposed to be the subject of my blog that week).
At the same time all this good training was happening my husband was sick with the crud that seems to be affecting more people than usual this year. I was so hoping it wouldn’t affect me. On Friday night (1/26) before my 14 mile long run I woke up and felt a little weird and wondered, “am I getting sick?”
When Saturday morning came I felt fine but also wondered about that feeling in the middle of the night. I decided that since I had no symptoms I’d go ahead and do my 14 mile long run. I thought that if I were sick I’d know it right away and could stop. I ran the same 14 course that I’d run a couple weeks earlier (nice hills). The run felt great. I even ran it 6 minutes faster while feeling as if the effort were easier. Yeah!
Two hours after this run the scratchiness in my throat/chest started. I’ve been sick ever since. On Wednesday of this week I thought I felt good enough to run and easy 4 miles. It felt wonderful! The next morning I felt better. But by afternoon I was coughing like crazy.
By tomorrow I will have lost two weeks of training. And that is how I’m preparing for this awesome goal race that I was so excited to earn!