Running Our Public Lands

Last night I listened to a friend, Vic Thasiah, make a call for the running community to be more actively engaged in conservation efforts for our public lands. His presentation took place at Topa Topa [...]

Untethering – Kind of, Maybe

The data can be helpful...but it's not the only thing by far! I confess I'm a running data addict. I like to look at the numbers produced by my Garmin both during and after [...]

Overdoing It

Does this sound at all familiar? You're on vacation. In the beautiful mountains. You don't want to sit in your hotel room. You don't really want to drive around all day. Because you're now fit! [...]

Adult Running Camp – Day 2

Thankfully my ankle didn't feel too bad when I woke this morning. It was still swollen a bit but the combination of ice cold water (Convict Lake) and ibuprofen had me in good enough shape [...]

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