Where oh where are my tools? Way in the back, where I can’t reach them!

As we read of the daily mess that is our national politics, I’ll share another mess with you. This mess won’t lead to you to anger or disgust or frustration with the disrespect of a certain person’s Twitter feed.
This mess is our garage! The clutter and disorganization is now so bad that we can’t even walk in it.
The problem started the day we moved in to our 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow (just over 4 years ago). You see, we’d downsized about 1,000sf and had way too much stuff. So everything that didn’t fit into the house was crammed into the garage.  It also didn’t help that the previous owners never bothered to dispense with much of their junk, and it fills the old cabinets, and the rafters, and other nooks and crannies.
Over the years we’ve made half-hearted attempts to clean things up. We’ve sold and thrown stuff away, but we’ve never managed to get it organized. I’ve also, over the years, worked on some home improvement projects. I even have my own sets of tools! Now I’m doing some work in my hallway, but am increasingly frustrated because I can’t get to, or even find, the tools I need. One day, while looking for a tool I experienced an incredible urge to throw something. Not good!

Our, for today, empty POD. I wonder how much stuff will fit inside.

So…a pause for a cleanup. Today a POD was delivered. Starting tomorrow (my day off work and thus my day for projects around the house) I’m going to empty the contents of the garage into the POD. Then we can start over!
I just wish that we could pause to a cleanup in Washington this easily.
When have you had to pause, so that you could clean up a big mess?