Sunrise on PCH… a favorite part of this training

Last Saturday (11/11) Megan and I ran the first loop of the 50k we’re running December 2nd. Thankfully there was a group training run the same day so we were out there with many people. Well actually, many people passed us throughout the morning.

Up…up…up…and down and then up for total elevation gain (and loss) of 4100 feet

This run was a week late (schedule wise) because I’ve been slow to recover from the marathon I ran October 22nd (Ventura Marathon Race Recap – How’d that untethering go?). I’m still not sure I’m totally recovered. AND… I was rear-ended a couple weeks ago…no major damage or injuries, but there has been lingering soreness that certainly doesn’t speed up recovery.

This was just before I started feeling tired.

By now you know where I’m going with this. Saturday was way harder than it was supposed to be. After about 8 miles I was tired…very tired. And this was only halfway. I was also hungry… at mile 8 and on and off until I was very hungry as we approached mile 11. This is where we will encounter an aid station on race day, so I was planning to eat at that point. So, feeling ravenous, I ate a Superhero Muffin, from @runfasteatslow. It tasted wonderful, but then I had a horrible stomach ache from eating too much. By the way, I would never do something this dumb while running the roads.
Anyway I had to walk until enough was digested that I didn’t think I would vomit. While walking and feeling like crap I contemplated dropping out of Ray Miller…even thinking to check on their transfer policy (I did check and no bib transfers!).
Once the food entered my system I felt better running. It helped that the rest of the run was downhill at the point. While running the last 3 miles I had one little trip, but no falls! That was a running confidence booster (Quit when it’s hard? No Way!). I will be out there!
I talked to my coach about my struggles and he said I should eat every 20 minutes…50 calories only for 150 an hour. With easy road runs at a usual 10:00 pace, I usually do this when training on roads…calories in the form of liquid, gel, or block every 2 miles. But taking that every two miles plan on to the trails means that with an average 14:41 pace last Saturday I was way behind on calories. No wonder I felt awful.
Now that I’ve figured this out, I’m not as worried about race day… still a bit apprehensive, but not downright terrified. The race is now less than 3 weeks.
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​I found the video below when looking at photos 12 seconds of accidental scenery.
[wpvideo uQWURqPc]