Now that I’ve completed three weeks of my focused efforts to lose those last pounds I can say that I’ve reset my habits…mostly in omitting processed foods and added sugar. I’ve not deprived myself, and have enjoyed food and drink related social events each week. Most days I’m trying to eat more protein, with fewer carbs than I do when in full marathon training mode. The biggest challenge here is that I find it hard to increase protein without simultaneously increasing fat. At least these are healthy fats.
Something else happened that has me a bit perplexed…
Last Friday can be labeled, Big Day of Activity. First, a one hour strength training class. This was immediately followed by an easy 4 mile run. I scraped paint for a few hours in the middle of the day. Took a bubble bath and then joined some friends for Bikes and Brews. The bike ride was my longest so far…about 30 miles in 2 hours.
I’m new to cycling, thus: I don’t dress properly (it was cold! and I would have been overdressed for a run); the physical exertion of these easy rides don’t create as much thirst as running, so in retrospect I didn’t drink enough water (plus I’m not confident enough to drink while moving ūüė¨); I would take in some food in a two hour run but didn’t even think of it in a bike ride.
When we finished I was famished and thirsty. I took a sip of my water when I should have downed the contents of the bottle. I ate the best tasting burrito ever, along with drinking 2 beers.
The next morning my % body fat went up about 3 points. What? I went on my weekly long run (thankfully it was a short 7 miles).  Halfway through the run I was exhausted and really just wanted a nap. That run ended up being a simulation of late-race fatigue.
Once back at home I tried to figure out the increase in body fat and discovered my scale actually measures hydration and calculates body fat from that. So I was dehydrated…that explains the fatigue.
Unfortunately I’ve been rehydrating ever since and by all other signs am well hydrated, but my little scale doesn’t agree. This means that I had a nice weight loss of 3.8 pounds. And a gain in body fat by 3.2%. If this is true I’ve seriously burned through muscle, which doesn’t seem possible. We’ll see how this next week goes.
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