One of my course long runs…remember to enjoy the scenery!

On this Saturday morning I’m thinking about tomorrow morning when I’ll be running my 6th marathon. My first was the Ventura Marathon, September 2014, and I had 2 goals: to finish and not be last. I did finish in 5:51:02. It was hot that day! I was not last, but was definitely bringing up the rear as the course time limit was 6 hours. In addition to my extreme fatigue when crossing the finish line I remember thinking, “I can do better.”
A couple months later I signed up for the LA Marathon. This is so far the only race I’ve signed up for but bailed on before the race. I wasn’t ready, mentally and probably physically. I remember the forecast was for a hot day and I panicked, thinking “I can’t do it in that heat.”
So, I signed up the Ventura Marathon again…and I signed up for a group training program. This was one of my best decisions!  

Painful finish at the Carlsbad Marathon…a PR by about 7 minutes but short of my goal

I successfully took close to 45 minutes off my time (finished in 5:04:36). After this I started working with Josh Spiker with the long term goal of qualifying for the 2018 Boston Marathon. With Josh’s help I’ve gotten closer and closer!

What to do after a disappointing finish? Remember! That was the purpose of this photo…relentless forward progress.

Tomorrow is my second attempt to qualify. The first was Carlsbad last January where I missed the qualifying time by 4 minutes (4:14:20). I’m ready…scared…ready…nervous…ready! Now I get to wait about 24 hours…and I’m ready!
Today I’m personally thankful for: the running support from my husband, Scott; good coaching; the ability to run.