A good reminder is that even on a cloudy day, light gets through because light is always stronger than darkness.

This morning I woke up to a bad dream. Thankfully this is such a rare occurrence, I can’t remember the last time it happened. This dream was in relation to a challenging situation I’ve been facing that doesn’t seem to ever get resolved. In my dream, it “blew-up” into a full bore conflagration. Thankfully that was just a dream. But it has left me with a general unease, or feeling of anxiety today. As I grapple with this feeling, I am mindful of those who suffer from anxiety disorders. I could not imagine the suffering that some people go through each and every day. My hope and prayer is for relief for those who suffer…as well as compassion from those of us who do not suffer.
Today I am personally thankful for: those who dedicate their lives to mental health professions; those who give help and support to their neighbors: and to the much needed personal mental health benefits of endurance sports…for me, running.