Another beautiful sunrise on PCH

After last week’s long run, I was pretty discouraged and worried about my 50k race that is approaching way to rapidly. I’ve given serious thought to dropping down to the 30k. But at the same time I hate giving up on a challenge. So, I’ve taken a wait and see how I’m feeling attitude.
I mentioned on my last update that I had my fuel system all wrong. But I was also still tired.
I went to my chiropractor twice last week as he’s treating me for the  lingering effects of a whiplash (got rear ended October 30th). I told him I was frustrated because it didn’t feel as if I was recovering from the marathon I ran October 22nd. He asked if such a slow recovery is normal for after a marathon. The answer was “no, it doesn’t usually take this long to recover.” He helped me to recognize that my body was affected by the accident. Mentally this reminder was helpful…so was the massage I got on Friday.
Before that massage I did a 12 mile run. For the first time in weeks it felt good. I hoped it would be a good sign for the next day’s trail run. Friday afternoon I scraped paint…this is its own form of endurance exercise….so Friday was certainly not restful.
Saturday, we started at 6:00am and ran 12 miles on the last section of the Ray Miller 50k. I was a bit nervous and so made sure to run easy pace. I’m happy to say all went well. The course was hard with steep climbs and steep descents and there were a few spots that cause me to fear encountering them on race day. But overall I felt well. No fatigue…no pain in my legs. The was and is good news.
Then today I ran an easy five The felt wonderful. Maybe I’m ready!
The lesson here is that we need to recover from more than running, so take care of yourself. I’ll do another 15 on the trail then the big day is December 2nd.