Over the last week I’ve received a few reminders of how easily we can go through life oblivious of those around us. It’s as if we get so caught up inner own thoughts or our own needs that we forget about those around us. Sometimes that forgetting leads to embarrassment, to hurt feeling, to annoyance, and tragically to injury.
Being oblivious at the beach! This in just the last week:

  • Saturday, during my long run, an old man pulled a u-turn (truck-pulling a trailer) right in front of me. I had to back off my pace considerably so as not to run into the trailer as it passed in front. I understand why he did this. He was looking for a place to park at the beach and upon finding such place turned around to park. Unfortunately he was oblivious to the fact that I was running along the road.
  • Sunday, during a recovery run, I was chatting with a friend. She was doing her long run, so I could only run with her for my first half. When it came time to turn around, I forgot to look and almost collided with a cyclist. That would have been ugly and it would have been entirely my fault. I was so engaged in saying goodbye that I was oblivious.
  • Tuesday (today)…
    • A woman was walking her dog on the bike path. She was on the left side when she should have been on the right. I thought, “I hope no bike comes around the curve quickly.” Then when I caught up to her, she meandered towards the middle, and I wasn’t sure which side to pass. She was oblivious to the presence of others on the trail.
    • Then, on a different part of the trail a man was unloading stuff for a day at the beach. He picked up an ice chest, turned without looking and almost hit me. In his unloading he was oblivious to activity of those around him.

I’m surprised that we don’t see more accidents along the beach bike trail and along the roads.
All of this is a good reminder to pay attention to the people around us. Not only to avoid disaster, but to live in mutual care for one another. Maybe we can all be a bit more alert and thus begin to truly see those around us. I wonder how different our world might be when we see and care for one another.