Of course “never say never” is a worn out cliche, but maybe that’s because it is so true. I never thought about this until a couple weeks ago when I stopped at a furniture store with my husband and daughter. We were looking for something to put in our small den…maybe a small love seat…but definitely comfortable. I was thinking that a love seat recliner that doesn’t look too bulky and ugly might be nice, if such a thing existed. So, we went to the recliner store.
There is no such thing as a love seat recliner that doesn’t look bulky and ugly. But while looking through the store, I saw a mission style leather chair. Here’s where a little back story helps:

  • First, I’ve always said that even though we live in a 1915 Craftsman Bungalow, I don’t like mission style furniture and will never buy it.
  • Second, I had run a nice hard 16 miles in the morning before this particular shopping trip. My legs were a bit tired.


Me. In the store. Feeling pretty comfortable.

Thinking that this trip was a bust, I decided to sit in the mission style leather chair, “just for fun.” It is a recliner! And it is the most comfortable recliner that I’ve ever sat in. We bought two! Never say never,
If you follow my blog, you might know that our family activity is now running. My husband, son, daughter, and I run together, go to races together, and eat after running together. My daughter, Megan, and I are the marathoners and are almost ready to run (my sixth and her third) marathons at Mountains 2 Beach at the end of May.
Now Megan had been talking ultra for a few months and every time she mentions it, I say, “I have no desire to run an ultra.” She signed up for the Ray Miller 50k today. So of course I had to look at the website. Of course the race takes place at my favorite hiking place (and the place that inspired me to start running in the first place). Of course the race is on a Saturday, meaning I have the day free. So of course I just signed up for the 50k, to run with my daughter. Of course! Never say never!

So I’ll be running here in November


Beautiful post rainy winter.