I confess that I easily create clutter. I don’t set out to do this, but still, it happens. I had recently (I thought) been doing a better job of putting things away immediately after using them. Then I sat in my favorite chair today, put my feet up, took off my running shoes, and not hearing the normal thump of their hitting the floor, I looked down to see a nicely growing shoe pile. We have in this photo current road running shoes, new trail running shoes (used for the first time hiking on Sunday), old running shoes that I now use for walking, and buried under all this are my favorite slip on canvas shoes. Now that I’ve noticed them, I guess I’ll have to put them away. 
What about you? Are you a walking mess or a neat freak?
Today I’m personally thankful for: the fitness that leads to so many athletic shoes; for all who are protesting the nativism and racism that has been unleashed in our land; my new pillow that will hopefully let me sleep as I fly to Germany on Friday.