Today Matt asked me if I wanted to go for a hike. Sure! I responded…after a nap. So nap completed we headed off to the Santa Monica Mountains. We tried a new trail, one that a member of our church calls a “butt buster” trail. I immediately understand why he described it this way as we started with what seemed to be a straight up climb. While climbing I was impressed that my legs were doing pretty well after yesterday’s 13 mile long run. Matt and I were able to easily converse all the way up this steep incline. It wasn’t until we were coming down that we realized that nobody else was able to converse while climbing, because they were too busy trying to breathe! Oh yeah, we’re fit! Enjoy the beautiful post rain photos.
Today I am personally thankful for: the fitness I have as a result of hard work; for the opportunity the bless a beautiful newborn in worship this morning; the beautiful coastal mountains of Ventura County, California.