On November 9 I like many people woke up in shock, disbelief, and grief. My feelings were not because a “Republican” won. Heck, I used to be a Republican. My intense feelings were because our country had elected a person who showed through word and deed that he was unfit to lead. I could not understand how his bullying and disrespect for women, people with disabilities, other Republicans, Muslims, immigrants and especially Mexicans was ok. That the majority of white Christians supported him, led me to question whether I could remain a Christian. I felt that morning as if I couldn’t move, as if a great dark cloud of despair descended above me.
But in this despair I felt God’s presence and I was reminded that the promises that I’ve received assure me that I will always experience God’s presence. I also remember the words I say often, “Jesus promises we will never be alone. He does not promise that life will be easy. In fact he pretty much tells us that it will not always be easy.”
As I remembered this lesson I was thankful. I then remembered other advice I’ve given through the years, “no matter how bleak a day looks, we can always find something to be thankful for, even if it’s just that sun has arisen.”
So I started my own daily list of gratitude. I confess that some days I read the news and have trouble making my list. Other days are so joyful that the gratitude gushes forth like a spring. Today is one of those harder days as I digest the news of the betrayal of our laws, our Constitution, and our values. But I will stand strong and I hope you will too my friends, because we must. And in the midst of the struggle we will experience God in wonderful ways unimaginable before. Not because God caused this travesty but because God is with us in our refusal to accept it.
Today I am personally thankful for: the lawyers who are hard at work opposing these lawless executive orders; the millions of people(including me) who are actively opposing these policies; and the opportunity for a short end of day, sunset run in Malibu as running is great for my mental health.