I’m attempting to share a photo and some thoughts each day during Lent to illustrate an assigned word. It seems to be a bit more difficult as I find myself doubling up on days. The words for yesterday and today are “thirst” and “witness”. Thankfully they can be used together.


Ladies from Teen Challenge share the gift of song with our congregation on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day we had some special visitors at church. They came to sing and to share some of their stories about how God has worked in their lives. The visitors were women from Teen Challenge, a sober living ministry in Ventura County. While the name of the organization implies teens, women of all ages are helped through this live-in program. When I think of the word, “thirst”, I think of those things we use to fill the spiritual holes that we have in our lives. For some of us that hole is filled with alcohol and/or drugs. That was the reality for these women, who through the ministry of Teen Challenge are now able to quench their spiritual thirst with worship of God who loves them unconditionally. The the stories they share of this loving God is their witness. Amen!