We participated for the first time at Ventura County Pride. This is our booth just before they opened the gates. I hope that our church was seen as a refuge by those who stopped by.

About 18 months ago our congregation voted to become a Reconciling in Christ Congregation. This means that we are intentionally welcoming to our LGBT sisters and brothers in Christ. For me it is very important that when someone hears the words, “Jesus loves you,” they don’t automatically think, “not really me.” Sadly this has been the reality for many people as they have heard throughout their lives that because of their sexuality, they are not loved by God. But this is not true. We are all recipients of God’s gracious love. Nobody should ever hear words that lead him or her to think that God’s love excludes them.
Today’s word is refuge. I hope and pray that our church is seen as a refuge and a place of welcome for all.