Nancy Switzler, Run & Fitness Coach

I was previously sedentary and very overweight. With lots of hard work I was able to gradually lose weight and gain fitness. Through this I learned that better fitness and quality of life were within my reach. Your fitness goals are also within reach. All you need to do is start, to take that first step. Of course that sounds easier than it sometimes is. So, I am here to help you!
Are you a beginner? Someone who is mostly sedentary but who wants to get into shape? I’ve been there and I can help you!
Are you a runner who wants to train for your first 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon? I’ve been there and I can help you!
Do you want to improve your race times? I can help.
How about tackling something longer, like your first ultra?

Running Plans

Custom training plans for any distance.

Monthly Coaching

Includes a completely custom schedule; weekly contact between coach and athlete; lots of encouragement!

Beginning Fitness

Starting new? Let me help you find success with a custom plan that fits your schedule and allows you to gradually progress.