One of the reasons that I have been working so hard on my health/fitness is that diabetes runs in my family (on both sides). Today I had blood work done (last time was 3 years ago). We have Kaiser and they keep sending me alerts when results are posted. the first test that came back was about white and red blood cells and everything was right in the middle of normal ranges. Just now I got the one the tests for diabetes. Normal is 4.8-5.6%. Mine was 5.6%. This is thankfully in the normal range but just barely. And this is after I have eliminated most processed/added sugar from my diet and lost about 50 pounds. So…continued exercising and eating well are in store for me! Good thing I’m enjoying distance running.
I also need to lose another 40 pounds (according to BMI charts). That sounds daunting but the motivation has been easier because I want to lose weight so that I can run faster.
Hopefully I never go over the line into actual pre diabetes or actual diabetes.