Being Gay is Not a Sin

To all of us that are allies, let's please be careful with our language so that in pushing back against homophobic rhetoric we don't unthinkingly hurt our siblings. #lovewins

Test (photo-a-day)

A goal race pace run is a test. Can I run at my goal pace? Or should I have different goals? Today was the last goal pace workout before the Los Angeles Marathon. The run [...]

Given (photo-a-day)

Ash Wednesday. This is my thumb after standing out in front of my church with ashes for most of the day. A few days before I happened upon a discussion in a FB clergy group [...]

Tempted (photo a day)

Today‚Äôs word is ‚Äútempted.‚ÄĚ There are so many temptations but how do you photograph the temptation to give up? Or to yell at someone? Or to fail to forgive? One temptation that is always present [...]

Full (photo-a-day)

After years of drought water is running in normally dry streams. It's after those dry times in our lives that water is so refreshing. May God's love fill you and move you. #rethinkchurch

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