I’m in my pjs…lots of people dressed and ready to go.

Race day is here. This is so exciting (& a bit scary). In 2014 I ran my first marathon in almost six hours! A year later we went to Boston on vacation and were here a week before that year’s marathon. Boston Marathon was the theme of town that pre-race week. I dreamed of someday running it. Of course I’d need to run a much faster marathon.
In looking at the calendar, I discovered that the 2018 race was 2 weeks past Easter and I would turn 55 four days before the race…new age group! But I would still need to take close to 2 hours off my time!
I began working with a coach…who was initially skeptical but upon realizing I was serious helped me gradually and safely get to my goal.
Now it’s race morning. I’m sitting in the hotel breakfast area, chilling. In a few minutes I’ll go upstairs, cover my body with Sports Shield (the best stuff!) and head to the bus.
I have the honor of joining 30,000 other runners out in the cold and wind and rain. Let’s do this!