Wednesday night (5/17) was the first race of the 10 week 5k Boogie Nights series at the Ventura Pier. This is the third year that my family and I are participating.


Matt, Scott, and I the first year…for some reason I don’t have a photo of the four of us. We’ve all lost a bit of weight since this photo!

The first year I remember the races being very hard! I always went out too fast and struggled to finish. My goal through the series was to run a 5k in less than 30 minutes, which I managed to do on the last night with a time of 29:54.

2016…we’ve started a tradition of family race photos!

The second year I remember the races being very hard! I surprised myself with a first race time of 26:17. I bounced around this time, ending the series with a PR of 26:10… and frustrated because I couldn’t get below 26. And! I won first place for my age division for the series.

We almost forgot our race photo! Usually it’s pre-race…this one was a “let’s take a quick photo” as we were walking to our cars.

Now we are one race into the third year… and it is still very hard! I ran a 25:38 (which is not a PR because I managed a 25:10 last November). I once again started too fast which led to a struggle at the end. I think 5k’s are the hardest races…and can’t wait until next week (however for at least the next two races I’ll be going slow since my goal marathon is the 28th).
Today I am personally thankful for: my running family; the friends we’ve made through running; a lifestyle that includes eating and drinking…just after running first!

The theme was crazy socks, and I actually participated in this theme (we’ll see about the others!).