Last day of running camp today. We met at 8am for a 5 mile run around Lake Mary, the shortest distance but highest altitude for running (8900 ft). I wasn’t sure how my run would go because I was a bit tired from the two days previous. My foot was a bit stiff, but I didn’t want to take anymore Advil (took 3 total throughout Monday after my two falls).

Horseshoe Lake…we ran around this lake also

We started on a trail and for the first half mile I felt like I wasn’t getting any air. I actually felt this at the beginning of all the runs at altitude. I wanted to stop, walk, and catch my breath but knew that my body would adjust if I just kept going. It did! This is a good reminder to not quit when starting something that feels difficult. Sometimes the hardest part is starting.
Eventually my respiratory system caught up and the run became comfortable… except that we were on a trail and I had to concentrate to avoid tripping.
Just before 2 miles I caught up to the faster runners and our coach as they waited at the trailhead. We then received instruction to run on the road around the lake. I took off. My legs were incredibly happy to be running on pavement. Total mileage was 5.25.
After the run we hike just over half a mile to McCloud Lake. I soaked my feet again… this time leaving my shoes on!
We’re on our way home now and I’m thankful for the wonderful experience of my very first running camp and especially for everyone who participated.
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