A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of rehearsal as part of race training. You can read that post here: Rehearsal – Boston Marathon Training, Week 11

This shirt and shorts are so comfortable…maybe my next race.

I adamantly advised against wearing anything new on race day. I still believe this…but then sometimes life throws us a few curves. I had everything ready for race day: shorts, tank, shoes, socks. I was only waffling on “should I or should I not carry my phone.” The only argument for it was for entertainment and photos in the time before the race.
But now the weather forecast is forcing me to re-evaluate. Unless things change dramatically (which is always a remote possibility) it will be raining for all of race day. Thankfully my buildup included a few rainy runs (not always guaranteed here in dry SoCal). Still, as race day gets closer, I’m reminded that I don’t really have a great deal of running in the rain experience. I’ve never run a race, much less a marathon in the rain.

My new shirt. I may wear my tank under this…just in case I get hot.

So I do what I always do…start reading and start asking for advice. I read that tight clothing is a must. Then my coach told me the same thing! So out with the shorts which might ride up when wet. I’ll be wearing leggings. Unfortunately I don’t actually own a tight long sleeved shirt. Today I set out to buy something. First stop our club running store…I didn’t think the suggested compression shirt was there but I did run into my coach who told me that I could also try a rash guard.
My next stop was Dick’s Sporting Goods. Unfortunately nothing there. Then I hit the local REI. No compression shirts but they did have some paddling shirts. I bought one (less expensive than “running” shirts).

I’m not sure if this will work on my shoes but it will work on everyone else rain jackets.

I plan to use lots of SportsShield. I also bought some spray on water repellant. Will it work? Who knows!
At Target I bought a cheap ($1.99) emergency rain poncho. I will also bring a trash bag.
I read additional advice to not put on my shoes until I go to the starting line. I’m not sure if that’s possible but I’m considering it.
Last, my family members just might be carrying a dry shirt, a dry hat, and a small towel for a quick freshen up in the later miles. This is also still under consideration.
While I think about all this, I am also grateful that the weather forecast is not for HOT temperatures. I’d much rather deal with rain than heat. Five days until Boston!
What advice do you have for a rainy race?