Running the Ray Miller 50k in December 2017. I planned to repeat in 2018 but they had to cancel because of the fires. Hopefully we’ll be out there in 2019.

Welcome to the GirlRevRunning. My name is Nancy Switzler and I currently serve as the pastor of a Lutheran Church in Oxnard, CA. I run! I first started running as a way to lose weight…now it is a way of life. I now coach too. Here I share thoughts running (and coaching), faith, politics (once in awhile), and about life!
My latest accomplishment is qualifying for, and running in the 2018 Boston Marathon. This was an awesome experience. You can read about it here: My First Boston Marathon – The Race
I am now a RRCA certified running coach and am working with Mile26 Sports as a coach. I have trained a small group of runners for the recent Ventura Marathon (Oct 2018). I had some runners training for their first 30k but it was cancelled due to the Woolsey Fire (we’re hoping the race will be back next December). I am currently trying a few people for the Los Angeles Marathon (which I will also run). We use the FinalSurge Online Coaching Platform, which means I can coach you no matter where you live!
Other stuff…

  • I’m married to Scott. We have two adult children and two chihuahuas. We all run! Well, except for the chihuahuas!
  • We live in an old Craftsman Bungalow. I’ve been restoring it and I will occasionally share what I am doing.
  • In addition to Boston I’ve run 9 marathons, for a total of 10. I’ve run one 50k, numerous half marathons, a few 10k’s, and lots of 5k’s. By the way, 5k’s are the hardest races… for me at least!

In case you are wondering…here are a couple before photos. You too can change your life through running…and eating real food.