I am one of those people who cannot start the day without a nice hot cup of coffee. On early run (or strength class) days I’m up at least an hour early, just to I can have a cup to get me going.
A couple weeks ago I set up our Cuisinart drip coffee maker, for the next morning, and slid it back to the wall when there was a big flash. That was scary! We thought that maybe I splashed some water on to the electrical outlet. The coffee maker was fine though, and fresh brew was waiting at 5am the next morning .


I’m surprised it worked for even a few days

But the pot wasn’t really fine… at least the electrical cord was not. We just didn’t discover this for another week when the pot only produced 1/8th of its volume before quitting. I tried to turn it on, and when that didn’t work I unplugged it to see if restarting would help. That’s when I discovered the damaged electrical cord. It was almost severed completely and I surprise that it actually worked for a week. I’m also thankful that this hazardous situation didn’t result in a fire.
Of course the big dilemma at the moment was obtaining a cup of coffee. We have a Tassimo (like a Keurig but more for espresso) and a few pods for coffee. Problem solved for the morning. I tassimo-t47asked Scott (husband) if we should get a new coffee maker and he said replacing the cord would be easy, so “no.” Of course we need to find the time to do so.
After two days of the Tassimo I remembered our French Press. This used to be in our motorhome and we used it when we didn’t have electricity for camping. It makes great coffee…its just messy and takes more time.
And a week later we are still enjoying the French Press. I think the urgency is gone for the coffee maker repair.
img_4300.jpgToday I am personally thankful for: coffee; for the Republican senators who derailed the horrible health care bill for now (it should be called the removal of health care bill); the end of post marathon recovery and ramp up to some real distance running.