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I started run coaching after successfully working with a run coach to qualify and participate in the Boston Marathon. Since then I’ve successfully coached new and experienced runners. I’ve also learned that we sometimes need help in other areas of our lives. With this recognition I’ve been trained a a life, or professional development coach. These are two seemingly different kinds of coaching, yet both help you to harness the knowledge, power, and creativity that resides within you so that you can achieve your goals. I’ve found that having help with a written fitness plan along with the ability to participate in powerful conversations increases our ability to achieve our goals.

Nancy Switzler

Life, Run, & Fitness Coach

Within each of us are abilities, hopes, dreams, and potential to live fully.




If you’re looking for a running coach, Nancy is the one! She devised a plan for me based on my experience and fitness level, which included running and strength training. I suffered through a knee injury (patellar-femoral pain syndrome) that hindered my training a bit, but Nancy gave me a strategy so that I was still able to run and finish the race. I was able to finish using a run/walk interval method and had enough energy to push for the last few miles. I completed the 2020 LA Marathon, taking almost a whole hour off my time from the previous year!! Nancy’s experience and knowledge about running has improved my performance. I trust her to get me through another training cycle.

Jacqueline Gomez

I met Nancy in early 2018.  My goal was to be able to run a mile without stopping.  Nancy scripted a 12-week program suited to my abilities,  accomplished.  My next goal  was to finish the 2019 Los Angeles Marathon.  Again, another program and I finished my first marathon.  My next adventure is to complete a one day hiking trip across the Grand Canyon (Rim to Rim) with a back pack.  This was a totally different goal to execute.  This journey was a trail with ever changing terrain and elevation.  So, we discussed a game plan for endurance.  I completed R2R in October 2019.  I hope this helps to movtivate you to reach out to coach Nancy.  I am 60 years old and living my best physical life.

Brenda Diaz

I’ve been running short distances for about 5 years and I knew it was time to step up my game .
Heard many good things of Coach Nancy Switzler , si decided to approach her. I asked her if she would put together a training plan for me to run my first 50K. Not only did I complete my first 50k trail race at RayMiller but also completed my first Full Marathon this year which was LA Marathon, under Nancy’s coaching.
I got my marathon runner
& Ultra marathon title thanks to her.
She is amazing!!

Susana Niwa
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Run Coaching

Running is both easy and hard. It’s easy to start. You just go outside and run. But then, we discover that it is not so easy and it is even hard. So we quit. This is where having a plan that is made for you and for your level is so helpful. If you are new to running, I can create a plan that allows you to progress slowly and steadily. If you are already running and want help training for a specific race, a plan that is created for you will make a huge difference and possibly lead to a PR. Why use a generic training plan when you can have one that is customized for your schedule and your level of fitness? As an added bonus I include an opportunity for a mid-training plan revision. Why? Because we all know that life happens, and sometimes this leads us off-track. When that happens, you can let me know and I will revise your plan to fit your current reality. Your plan will be completely online, using FinalSurge.com.
Custom plans cost between $75 (8-10 weeks) and $150 (20 weeks),
depending upon the length of the training plan.
Monthly Coaching is completely custom with plans updated weekly, monthly coaching conversations, and weekly training updates. $150 per month for a 3-month commitment. $125 per month with a 6-month commitment.


Life and Professional Coaching

Coaching is a dynamic process that harnesses the power of conversation between me (coach) and you (client) to find clarity, dream, plan, and act for personal and professional growth.

Coaching conversations can help with: 
working through a problem
making goals – dreaming for the future
finding balance

The first 30 minute session is complimentary. 


Beginning Fitness

Want to start on a fitness journey but are not ready to run? I can work with you to build a fitness plan that includes walking (or other cardio) and strength training that is targeted to daily living.
Right now I am developing 6 weeks beginner programs that will work around your schedule and will include strength/mobility along with beginning walking or running. Because I want to encourage beginning movement these plans are ONLY $50. That is less than $8.50 a week.


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