We lost the middle one here, Bandit, last July 😢


Leah’s in front


First the back story
A year ago we had three chihuahuas. Unexpectedly one of them, Bandit, died last July. He was 13 and the more independent of the three. The other were close… well mostly. When they weren’t snarling with each other over space in the bed they were spooning, or touching butt to butt. The younger, Demi, doesn’t like to be alone, so she was the one to initiate cuddling.


With great sadness we lost the older of these chihuahuas last week. This older dog, Leah, was almost 14 and not in good health. We’ve been concerned about her health for a long time, which made the death of Bandit so shocking.


Leah and Bandit both loved to go on walks. They weren’t fast walkers, mostly due to their desire to stop and smell and pee on every single bush or tree or piece of grass. Being little chihuahuas didn’t help much.


But this dog
Demi, the youngest (she’s almost 8), never liked to walk. She’d go along just to be with the others but unless she could bark at other dogs along the way she wasn’t into it.


But now Demi is all alone and I’ve been trying to give her a bit more attention. A couple times this week I’ve taken in to my office with me. She likes that! I ask, “Demi, want to go bye bye?” and she runs to the door barking in her excitement.




Today, I didn’t take her to the office, but did need to go to the post office which is about half a mile away. Hmmm…she can walk with me there. Even if it’s too much I can carry her part way.


“Demi, want to go for a walk?”
Blank stare…or maybe a stare that meant “are you kidding me?”
“Demi, want to go bye bye?”
Bark Bark Bark in excitement.


“I can’t do it mom!”


Leash on we started walking and she wasn’t having it. I coaxed her to the end of the block…and around the corner, really just about a 10th of a mile and she stopped. Then she lied down. Threw in a bit of panting, “see mom, I’m tired and out of shape!”


I coaxed her a little farther, just to the opposite of our block. I picked her up to carry her, and thought better of it. She was just being stubborn as we hadn’t walked far enough for her to be tired. I put her down and headed home. She didn’t have any intention of walking home. “Why walk when mom can carry you!?!”


So, I removed her leash, started walking home and said, “see you at home Demi.” Of course she followed me home! Little Stinker!!!!