As I make dinner and then rush off for a meeting I’ve thought about this day. Here’s what I’ve done:
4:30am – coffee and the news before strength class
6:00am – 360X @Mile26Fitness. I wasn’t sure if my sore left quad was ready (recovering from Ventura Marathon Race Recap – How’d that untethering go?). I was able to do the class, but those frog jumps were harder than they’re supposed to be.
7:00am – I usually go for a short and easy run. I decided that 360X was enough for my still recovering legs.
7:15-9:00am – shower, oatmeal w/ blueberries, more coffee, get dressed, spill coffee down the front of my white sweater, wash the sweater because I really wanted to wear it, do a bit of work on my laptop while waiting for my sweater to dry, decided to just put it on damp and head to the office.
9:15am – begin work on Sunday’s worship and a funeral that will be on Saturday.
10:00am – attended a staff meeting at an agency on which I am the board president. I am also sometimes subbing while our executive director is on maternity leave. Long meeting today…worth it if things we talked about happen.
Brewery Book Talk-211:30am – back at the office. Make Canva ads/photos to use on Facebook for Over a Beer and our All Saints Special Sercive of Remembrance this coming Sunday. Work on the funeral. Print first drafts of the service and rush home for lunch.
12:45pm – say hi to the dogs and eat lunch.
1:15pm – leave for Simi Valley to meet with a wonderful family about a funeral.


No fun getting rear-ended…especially when your car isn’t even 6 months old.

1:20pm – get rear-ended while sitting at a traffic light on 3rd Street in Oxnard. Get out…I don’t know how much if any hidden damage I might have but there’s a 1-2″ gouge out of the rubber in my bumper. The man who hit me feels bad… doesn’t want me to report it….said he’d rather pay me. I said “I don’t know…but I’ve got to go meet about a funeral and I’ll think about it.”
1:30pm – driving again, wondering if the tension in my neck is tension or injury and feeling guilty for even thinking this because of my own experience with someone
2:05pm – arrive a few minutes late for my meeting. Spend a couple hours planning the service. My pre-work in the morning was helpful to give us a starting point. Had a very good meeting and a nice visit with everyone there.
4:00pm – head towards home. Call my chiropractor for a morning appointment (I had wanted to see him about my quad, hopefully it won’t be my neck he’s treating). Call my husband to report my accident.

What to do with leftover tri-tip? Cut it up and sauté with squash, onions, bell peppers and add some pasta and a touch of feta

4:55pm – arrive home. Cook dinner. Think about this day while chopping vegetable and decide that I am incredibly thankful  I’m a pastor…for days like today and weeks like this one. As I’m thinking I decide to write it all down. But, back to cooking and then eating.
6:00pm – back at church to open the doors for a community meeting. Isn’t it wonderful that we can share our space for residents of the senior apartment building across the street to meet? We should do this more often. Work on the worship bulletin for the funeral. Send a copy to all who need one. And finally, finish typing this blog post.
It’s now 8:00pm and I will be heading home as soon as I add a couple photos to this post. It’s been a long day. I am filled with gratitude…except for the spilling coffee and getting rear-ended parts…but no day can be absolutely perfect.
Good night everyone.