Last week I shared that Lucy and I are both doing rehab. Lucy in her recovery from hip surgery, Me as I heal from my latest achilles injury. Lucy’s rehab is to walk 2-3 times a day. Mine is to walk her while also doing needed strength and mobility exercises. I also visited the best physical therapist ever – Leigh Scarber at Ascent Wellness.

The most common words I find myself saying to Lucy while walking are “slow down.” The goal of these walks is to get her to use her left-rear leg. She is exuberant and wants to GO. But going too fast causes her to skip. Skipping is bad! So we slow down.

I find that I too need this reminder to slow down. Healing is a slow process. It is a combination of movement and rest. As I rest with Lucy…actually handing our with her and may laptop, I realize that I have been in way too much of a hurry. My achilles has bothered me on and off for awhile now. It gets better, I think all is ok, then I go backwards. But in all of this I haven’t taken a long enough time to rest it. This is hard to admit as a coach. I would be telling a client to REST REST REST. This is also why I appreciate myself having a coach!

Meanwhile, I encourage you (in whatever you are doing) to know that progress is measured in the steps along the way. If you need help to figure out those steps let me know.