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Running is both easy and hard. It’s easy to start. You just go outside and run. But then, we discover that it is not so easy and it is even hard. So we quit. This is where having a plan that is made for you and for your level is so helpful. If you are new to running, I can create a plan that allows you to progress slowly and steadily. If you are already running and want help training for a specific race, a plan that is created for you will make a huge difference and possibly lead to a PR. Why use a generic training plan when you can have one that is customized for your schedule and your level of fitness? As an added bonus I include an opportunity for a mid-training plan revision. Why? Because we all know that life happens, and sometimes this leads us off-track. When that happens, you can let me know and I will revise your plan to fit your current reality. Your plan will be completely online, using

Monthly Coaching is completely custom with plans updated weekly, monthly coaching conversations, and weekly training updates. $150 per month for a 3-month commitment. $125 per month with a 6-month commitment.

Custom plans cost between $75 (8-10 weeks) and $150 (20 weeks), depending upon the length of the training plan. Because life happens, these plans include mid-training revision opportunities if needed (1 for the 8-10 weeks and 2 for the 20 weeks).

Special group training opportunities are offer throughout the year.


Fitness Coaching/Plan

Want to start on a fitness journey but are not ready to run? I can work with you to build a fitness plan that includes walking (or other cardio) and strength training that is targeted to daily living.

Right now I am developing 6 weeks beginner programs that will work around your schedule and will include strength/mobility along with beginning walking or running. Because I want to encourage beginning movement these plans are ONLY $50. That is less than $8.50 a week.

Suggested Goal Races/Events

  • Turkey Trot 5k (there will be one near you!)
  • Santa to the Sea, (5k, quarter marathon, and half marathon)

Helpful Tips

Running, fitness, and life… we are all on a learning journey. Here is some helpful information.


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