This rose bush is the fullest I’ve ever seen…a blessing from our rainy winter

These beauties bloom as bouquets. They are tucked into a spot on the side of the house.

On Wednesday evening a dear church member brought some beautiful roses from her garden to decorate the table for our potluck and discussion. I enjoyed seeing them, smelling them, and talking about their beauty. At one point I said, “I don’t have any roses yet.” Then upon further reflection I remembered that I haven’t been home saying, “before saying I don’t have any roses maybe I should look. Duh!” I looked and am sharing a couple photos of the beauty that is in my yard. 
In thinking about this, I wonder how often we assume we don’t have something, when all we need to do is investigate a little. I’m thinking of relationships, creativity, curiosity, perseverance… we have so much that graces our lives. When have you been surprised to discover something valuable you didn’t know you had?
Today I’m personally thankful for: beautiful flowers and their reminder of God’s creative work; for the reminder that I have so many resources to draw from; my kids who are running a half marathon with me tomorrow 😀🏃🏻‍♀️.