The last big pre-covid event I attended was the Los Angeles Marathon on March 8th. I didn’t run this year, instead my husband and I drove all over LA to cheer on our daughter and others who I’d coached for the race. It was a fun day. I loved the ability be see people, have a pretty good idea how they are feeling, and to then shout my encouragement at them. At one point we were so intent on cheering on a few struggling runners (22 mile mark) that we missed our daughter run by…oops!

This year I am putting together another training group… this will be my third training group for this race. Cool!

I also hope to be running it myself but that depends on how well my achilles heals (see A Bum Hip A Bum Achilles A New Plan.

The training plan will be online and I will have an online group for mutual support. This means you can be anywhere in the country to train. But if you live in the Ventura/Oxnard area you will also be able to join in some group training runs.