Being home includes hanging out with these little dogs.

I’ve been home from my big Europe trip for almost a week and realized that I’ve forgotten my daily recounting of thankfulness. As I’ve mentioned before, I started this practice on the morning of November 9th, when I was so disheartened that I didn’t know what else to do. This practice did indeed help me to see that all is not bad in the world…and that I can actively engage in trying to fix what needs fixing. This practice of daily thanksgiving has also been a prayerful way to either start or end my day. So what happens when you forget to do what you thought had become a healthy habit? 
A temptation is to think, “oh well, I failed at this so I might as well give it up.”
That was a common reaction for me in many areas of my life…eating, exercise, daily prayer, learning to speak another language, staying in contact with others, etc.
While I can look back and see that common reaction, I can also look back and see the power of perseverance. Most recently this has led me to successfully change my eating habits and become an endurance runner. Through these two activities I’ve successfully lost at least 80 pounds. I know this success is not guaranteed for tomorrow! Continued perseverance and hard work are necessary.
So, it is with prayer and my daily giving of thanks. This activity is helpful and so I don’t have quit just because I forgot for a few days! What about you? What daily activity do you sometimes have trouble doing, even when you know it’s helpful?
Today I’m personally thankful for: the ability to remember and re-start a helpful activity; being “home” in California; and for quiet early mornings.