As they left the demonstration, protesters attached their signs to the fence at parking lot C at LAX

“Let your light shine before others.” -Matthew 5:16
Before we can let our light shine before others we need to recognize that the light we possess is a gift of God’s grace. Jesus said, “you are the light of the world.” He said this to the community…you all. With this proclamation, you are light, I am light, we are light.
This is good news! We have the opportunity to recognize that light that exists in our neighbor. Then as we walk together our cumulative light shines ever more brightly on a weary world. I experienced this when I joined the Justice for All March, as well as the demonstration on behalf of our Muslim neighbors as LAX.
Some might believe that these marches and demonstrations are a waste of time, that they don’t really change anything. I believe that they do much! They energize those who gather together…they remind each of us that we are not in the struggle alone…they let the vulnerable know that they are not alone.
Of course more needs to be done…and will. My call as pastor reminds me that my role is the public proclamation of the Gospel…the good news of Jesus the Christ. This good news is that through Jesus we are loved…and we are all called to love God and to love our neighbor in return. Happy Tuesday!
Today I am personally thankful for: the reminders of God’s love and grace that I receive, especially when I am feeling down; the members of Our Redeemer who gathered last night to work on our upcoming Silent Auction Fundraiser; the opportunity to run 5 miles this afternoon.