Gratitude 3/22

While in Paris and admiring the history all around me I'm going to share some photos from Torgau, Germany. We visited this city a little ove a week ago. I have two strong memories! First, [...]

Gratitude 3/21

Today will be our first full day in Paris. It's also a vacation day so I have the free time to relax and reminisce this morning. My two weeks in Germany were wonderful. The seminar [...]

Field Trip – Gratitude 3/11

Today we journeyed to Erfurt and Wartburg Castle. It's hard to believe that our first week of seminar is completed. I could describe this first week as filled with topics that give me much to [...]

A new friend – gratitude 3/9

In studying with 19 pastors from all over the world I'm making some new friends. Yesterday I went for a nice walk to the Elbe River with Gerda, a pastor from Denmark. Not only is [...]

Panorama 1517 – Gratitude 3/8

Two days ago we saw an exhibit that was prepared for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. It it a panoramic of Wittenberg as it would have been in 1517. My photos don't convey all [...]

Gratitude 3/4

Today I'm personally thankful for: the ability to sleep on the plane; safe arrival in Wittenberg; and a nice walk followed by a bit of strength training.

Gratitude 2/23

Beautiful light pattern with the afternoon sun and a baby window. Are you familiar with wavy glass? It's the glass in the original windows of old houses. In some mysterious way glass, I'm [...]

Gratitude 2/13

I twisted me knee a bit during an exercise class on Friday. At the time I didn't think of injury, but was very careful to not twist it again. On Saturday I had my glorious [...]

Gratitude 2/12

Yesterday's run was so beautiful I decided to take Scott with for a walk today.  Today I am personally thankful for: beautiful sunshine and the sound of running water; Girl Scout cookies 😬; and the [...]

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