A new friend – gratitude 3/9

In studying with 19 pastors from all over the world I'm making some new friends. Yesterday I went for a nice walk to the Elbe River with Gerda, a pastor from Denmark. Not only is [...]

Panorama 1517 – Gratitude 3/8

Two days ago we saw an exhibit that was prepared for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. It it a panoramic of Wittenberg as it would have been in 1517. My photos don't convey all [...]

Gratitude 3/4

Today I'm personally thankful for: the ability to sleep on the plane; safe arrival in Wittenberg; and a nice walk followed by a bit of strength training.

Gratitude 2/23

Beautiful light pattern with the afternoon sun and a baby window. Are you familiar with wavy glass? It's the glass in the original windows of old houses. In some mysterious way glass, I'm [...]

Gratitude 2/13

I twisted me knee a bit during an exercise class on Friday. At the time I didn't think of injury, but was very careful to not twist it again. On Saturday I had my glorious [...]

Gratitude 2/12

Yesterday's run was so beautiful I decided to take Scott with for a walk today.  Today I am personally thankful for: beautiful sunshine and the sound of running water; Girl Scout cookies 😬; and the [...]

Gratitude 2/11

This week I ran 25.5 miles, and except for the week of the Carlsbad Marathon, this was the most mileage for 2017. Taper and recovery account for all the other low mileage weeks. This 25.5 [...]

Gratitude 2/10

Today I was able to run my scheduled 6 miles with a friend. It was wonderful to be able to chat while easily covering those miles. When I first started running, it was just me. [...]

Gratitude 2/9

Are you taking care of yourself? Over the past few days I've read posts from people who are feeling tired and discouraged. I'm learning that protest is not easy, especially when there is something new [...]

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