A few weeks ago I saw a post that said:

“Be brave enough to suck at something new.”

I remember sharing this, and commenting, “this is me.” This week I saw it again in a blog post from the company where I have my ultra distance run coach certification. In context, the blog post was to coaches (especially new coaches) to not be afraid to actually start coaching.

I appreciated this post because it reminds me that I need to work harder at what for me is the hardest part of coaching – self marketing. The coaching is not hard as I am energized by the work. I love coaching conversations. I love creating training plans. I love finding ways to encourage. I love helping people to discover and articulate what they already know to do.

I don’t love the hard work of finding clients. I don’t love it so much that I am great at finding other things to do, all while at the back of my mind I’m frustrated with myself. But I must do this work so that I can do the work that I truly enjoy…coaching!

I’m not alone here. There are many things we love to do that have less enjoyable parts. Here are a few off the top of my head:

  • wall (and other surface) prep before painting
  • chopping vegetables or other prep work before cooking…to honest I’m not such a fan of cleaning the mess either
  • enjoying the Christmas decorations once there up is great…getting everything out and up is not so great
  • prepping for a run? lots of athletes are not fond of warmups and mobility work until something starts to hurt
  • what can you think of?

Thanks for reading this far! I would love to hear your thoughts…and if you are invested in some coaching, let’s talk.