Thankfully my ankle didn’t feel too bad when I woke this morning. It was still swollen a bit but the combination of ice cold water (Convict Lake) and ibuprofen had me in good enough shape for today’s activities. (Adult Running Camp – Day 1 (and a reminder to pick up my feet))
Side note: I once took way too many non steroid anti-inflammoratories. When I cleaned up my eating I also quit taking Aleve and Advil. Now I will take them very occasionally…maybe once or twice a quarter. I’ve since discovered that when use take them rarely, they work much better.

After falling yesterday, this was a bit scary.

Today we ran up a trail to Mammoth Rock. Parts of the trail were a bit technical and could be dangerous if one were to fall. Thankfully I didn’t fall today!

My husband and I close to the top of the trail

The run was fun, hard (7 miles round trip),and beautiful. After the run we soaked our feet in Mammoth Creek. The water was ice cold, but I stayed in 10 minutes so that my slightly swollen ankle would be happy.  It was!

Soaking my feet in the cold cold water

Just after lunch we hiked to Barney Lake, 5 miles round trip, with lots of climbing (to just over 10,000 feet). It was gorgeous! Amazingly we encountered snow (in August!), green grass, and wildflowers. Unfortunately we also encountered MANY mosquitoes.
As I ran and hiked today I was also thinking about matters of faith. Part of Sunday’s text includes Paul’s words about the beautiful feet that bring the good news. I wanted to ask some of my companions how they’d experienced Christians bringing good news. Did they think of good news when they thought of Christians? I sadly, don’t always. I think of Christians who publicly fail to love others, choosing instead to reject those who they see as unworthy…for whatever reason. I don’t understand this because I believe we are called to love not reject our neighbor.
Anyway, I decided against asking questions, choosing instead to enjoy the company of the group. It was a wonderful day!
Today I’m personally thankful for:the beauty I experienced today; the ability to work hard physically…and enjoy it; and the unconditional love of God that is not only a free gift for me, but for our world.
More photos from today.

Wild flowers in the midst of all the grandness.

My daughter making a snow angel…in August!