Sometimes…oftentimes even, the antidote to feeling anxious (or stressed) is a good dose of exercise. One of the many reasons I run is that I’ve experienced the wonderful physical benefits of a good workout. In some mysterious way, running hard results in a relaxed mind and body (even if the muscles are a bit tired).
Yesterday I posted about the anxiety of dealing with a troublesome issue. Today, I still have the challenge of the issue, but last night’s hard track workout removed the feelings of doom that accompany anxiety. Instead, today’s thoughts are of gathering with colleagues, writing a sermon about Jesus’ inclusiveness, and a possible bike ride this afternoon with my son.

Split 1 = 3200. Splits 3, 5, 7, and 9 = 400s

I’m also remembering last night’s track work because it shows that I’m finally learning to properly pace these types of efforts. The assignment last night was to run 3200m at 15k pace (my goal 8:30 mile) followed by 4 x 800’s at 5k pace (my goal 8:00/m or 4:00 per 800). I was able to hit these targets, and my last interval was my best interval. That was fun…and stress relieving!
Today I’m personally thankful for: Megan who paced me last night; my colleagues who I get to hang out with this morning; living in California.