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Thanks for visiting Within Reach. If you’re like many people, you might wonder if you need a coach, or you might wonder just what a coach can do to help.

I once thought a coach was the person who made a running plan, but then I learned the coach was the person who helped me to realize my running goals. Of course this included a plan but my coach also helped me to learn about myself, challenged me, answered questions, and encouraged me.

Since then I became a running coach… and then a life/executive/professional/minister coach. These two types of coaching are both different and complementary. You might want (or need) one or both!

What about you? You could use a coach if:

You want to set some goals and then work on them!
You are trying to find some work/life balance
You want to start running
You want to move your body but need help getting started with a plan
You are struggling with something and need to talk through your options

The good news is that you can explore your options with a free 30-minute coaching conversation. Just click on “Let’s Talk” at the top of the page, or send me an email to schedule something.

Meanwhile, know that you are worth the effort!

Nancy Switzler

Executive/Personal/Life, Run, & Fitness Coach

Within each of us are abilities, hopes, dreams, and potential to live fully.

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If you’re looking for a running coach, Nancy is the one! She devised a plan for me based on my experience and fitness level, which included running and strength training. I suffered through a knee injury (patellar-femoral pain syndrome) that hindered my training a bit, but Nancy gave me a strategy so that I was still able to run and finish the race. I was able to finish using a run/walk interval method and had enough energy to push for the last few miles. I completed the 2020 LA Marathon, taking almost a whole hour off my time from the previous year!! Nancy’s experience and knowledge about running has improved my performance. I trust her to get me through another training cycle.

Jacqueline Gomez
I met Nancy in early 2018.  My goal was to be able to run a mile without stopping.  Nancy scripted a 12-week program suited to my abilities,  accomplished.  My next goal  was to finish the 2019 Los Angeles Marathon.  Again, another program and I finished my first marathon.  My next adventure is to complete a one day hiking trip across the Grand Canyon (Rim to Rim) with a back pack.  This was a totally different goal to execute.  This journey was a trail with ever changing terrain and elevation.  So, we discussed a game plan for endurance.  I completed R2R in October 2019.  I hope this helps to movtivate you to reach out to coach Nancy.  I am 60 years old and living my best physical life.

Brenda Diaz
I’ve been running short distances for about 5 years and I knew it was time to step up my game .
Heard many good things of Coach Nancy Switzler , si decided to approach her. I asked her if she would put together a training plan for me to run my first 50K. Not only did I complete my first 50k trail race at RayMiller but also completed my first Full Marathon this year which was LA Marathon, under Nancy’s coaching.
I got my marathon runner
& Ultra marathon title thanks to her.
She is amazing!!

Susana Niwa
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